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What’s in my bag?

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What’s in my bag?

What’s in my 30+ drawstring bag? These are top 5 things that I have to get in the bag when I have an event and I spin music. Even though this year I didn’t travel outside the country due to the pandemic, hopefully the next year I can get my passport in use again. Already booked a special event but I will give you more details later on. The digital vinyls (traktor) and the needles (ortofon pro s) are a must have on the list, being a dj you have to be prepared for any type of situations and have as much gear on you to adjust.

Speaking of adjustments, me personally I try to create a new vibe for each event I spin music on. Sometimes I need to adjust the playlist even on the road or flight by the case, so the earphones (kangol) definitly saved me to add those last new songs digged that might be the ones that make the best of the event. I’m always with the backpack on and have to be on point with how heavy it gets at the airport, so when I found the photocamera (Sony Alpha 6000) it saved me a lot of space and kilograms. Not to say that the quality and practicality is high top for a mirrorless camera.

These are my top 5 things must have on my list and fits right on my 30+ drawstring bag. You can get yours and make your own list of things on your travels. Stay safe, body & mind.

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As you may or may not realize by now “I made my debut in ’86” to this so called planet Earth. Since I was a kid I loved music. It showed me a different visual on the things around me. Obviously that led me into dance and the next thing I know, the artistic side of both led me into graphic design and photography.


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