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Vinyl Touch

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Vinyl Touch

I remember being a kid, me and my brother used to sneak up to the party my uncle was playing music. We were so fascinated about the technology, seeing vinyls, cassettes and other stuff around the dj. One thing we were not allowed to do is, well, touching the vinyls. With cassettes he was a little bit more permissive but with vinyls it was a different story. But, of course not for long. One time we entered the room where he stored the equipment and we went straight to the pickup and vinyls. Being a kid I couldn’t understand how the music was playing from such a weird plastic rounded thing but just by touching those vinyls (we got caught before we could play them) it gave me a feeling that always followed me around since that moment.


“in fact, one of those

that touched the vinyl

since they were little kids,

ended up to be a dj”


I sampled this line from Norzeatic (a really dope emcee) for my “Summer Transformee” mixtape. He describes perfectly how this unknown world of vinyl can set up a whole path for a kid or make connnections that can’t be lost even in the mists of time.

Written by

As you may or may not realize by now “I made my debut in ’86” to this so called planet Earth. Since I was a kid I loved music. It showed me a different visual on the things around me. Obviously that led me into dance and the next thing I know, the artistic side of both led me into graphic design and photography.


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