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The Mixtaper

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The Mixtaper

In 2015 I started to create a series of mixtapes,
each one of them having a concept, exhibition or a personal experience behind and hopefully will touch people’s lives.

If you didn’t had the chance to listen to them, check the links below for an audition.

2015 Summer Transform

2016 Be your own

2017 Mathematrix

2018 NO HERO
2019 Summer Transformee

The name of the mixtape Summer Transform came from a question or a curiosity I had (and defenitly many of you that love hip hop culture) about the song Summertime by Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff.

The idea of the mixtape was to provide the perfect vibes for reminiscing over the summer stories with good friends. As I was trying to create the playlist with songs that I collected over the time, I realised that the name it had to include the word summer and then I remembered the song Summertime by Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff and went on to listen to the track but I realised it didn’t match the sound I was already created for the mixtape.

Then I thought to digg for a remix of the song and so I found the Soul Power remix ’98 that included a sample used by Gang Starr as well (You know my steez), so it was the perfect match for the sound I was working on for the mixtape. While I was listening to the song I remembered that I had this curiosity for a long time if the lyrics were written by Rakim or Will Smith was inspired by him as the style and patterns were very similar to Rakim’s. As I was listening to the song ..here it is the groove slightly transformed” it hit me. The name of the mixtape had to be – Summer Transform.

Years later the answer came in.

Summer still far from here but this is still one of the best parts in the Summer Transform mixtape. Chris Rock always mad funny!

The music speaks by itself.

The mixtape Be your own came from a personal experience, as well as the name and the cover for the mixtape. I will get back with info about the mixtape and the name, for now I will tell you more about how the cover came out.

In 2015 I visited Mumok museum in Vienna and as I was going up stairs for the exhibition I was thinking that if you look at art only by what you know already, you won’t be able to understand and feel more about what art itself has to offer as you will be limited by information that you already know and sometimes we are to qucik to judge from this point of view.

But what if there were some blank canvases at an exhibition, so you won’t be limited to judge the art by what you know, so you will be left only by the knowledge and feelings the art has to offer. As I entered the exhibition “Monochrome Paintings”  by Stephen Prina in the group exhibition “To expose, to show, to demonstrate, to inform, to offer” and still thinking about this idea.. I was in shock.

All the paintings in the exhibition were green!

Different titles and different gradients of green. Had to be a huge coincidence or how you want to call it, but the next thing I know it inspired me to create the “Be your own” mixtape.

In 2016 I created the Be your own mixtape that came from a personal experience. I will always choose to loose as myself instead of winning as someone else. For me is more important to stay in my own lane and build my own style and how I percieve music, then to please everyone and go off with the trends. Trends do come and go, what remains is your own aproach.
Lauryn Hill dropping knowledge.
2 Pac dropping knowledge. Community check.
I recorded the mixtape Mathematrix in 2016 all by vinyl and it reflects those moments in our lifes in which we are endless trapped in a closed loop, between two worlds, waiting in vain for the train to stop in our station. This is also a parallel to the movie “The Matrix” in which the character Neo is trapped in the train station Mobil Ave. The name of the station it is also an anogram for “Limbo Ave” explaining the unendingness.
As I was working on creating the playlist for the mixtape I noticed that one of the vinyls was scratched and the song got stucked on the same loop you are hearing over and over again in the begining and in the end of the mixtape. Even if the part was broken and the vinyl couldn’t move forward with the song, as I was listening to the loop I decided to use that part as the reprezentation of the close loop and mobil ave concept of the mixtape.
I can’t remember the moment in time when I recorded the mixtape NO HERO, but it was around 2018 as everything around me was already collapsed, including myself. The same year at this moment in time, I made it to an Evidence concert. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been.
” I created my own hell .. .. and I’m the demon who crawl up out of it”

I finally released the “Summer Transformee” mixtape, which is a breath of fresh air for those who reminisce over good times. Even though I released the mixtape preview in the summer of  2017 it had to go around two years journey to get it done. Had mad fun with with my cousins for the photoshooting of the cover mixtape (photo cover credit: Nita Alice & Nita Izabela). The design and concept cover designed by yours truly.

Written by

As you may or may not realize by now “I made my debut in ’86” to this so called planet Earth. Since I was a kid I loved music. It showed me a different visual on the things around me. Obviously that led me into dance and the next thing I know, the artistic side of both led me into graphic design and photography.


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