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Where’d you get those? // Bobbito Garcia


The sneakers definitly says a lot about what you reprezent. And is not just about the kicks itself but how you rock with them and highlight your outfit. Still remember my first puma suedes I bought and they got me my first breaking battle win back in 2007 so, it’s gotta be the shoes.


Bobbito Garcia co-hosted The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show which featured exclusive demo tapes and studio freestyles from many unsigned hip hop artists at that time from Nas, Big Pun, Jay-Z till The Wu Tang Clan, Fugees, Big L and The Notorious B.I.G. who later became great succesful artists. Sneaker collector, dj and journalist, Bobbito published this book as an insider of the traces left in the sneaker culture from its earliest day till the worldwide dominance of today’s sneaker industry.

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