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Summer Transformee

Well as you may or may not realize by now, the name of the mixtape “Summer Transformee” is related to the yellow character BumbleBee from the movie by the same name. The timeline of the movie gets back to the 80’s, all involving BumbleBee’s falling to Earth, loosing his voice and how he was able to transform the radio into his speaking voice instead, all of which I could easily identify with the journey, the falling, the connection.

The mixtape is a breath of fresh air for those who reminisce over good times. Even though I released the mixtape preview in the summer of  2017 it had to go around two years journey to get it done. Had mad fun with with my cousins for the photoshooting of the cover mixtape (photo cover credit: Nita Alice & Nita Izabela). The design and concept cover designed by yours truly. Read more on the blog about the story behind the “Summer Transformee” mixtape: www.franco86.com/blog