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Comic Con London

For this school project I had to create the poster (graphic and design) for the Comic Con London event. Just so it happened that I’ve been to this year’s Comic Con in London before this assignment and I could relate more to what should be my approach on the design (not so good t-shirt prints design for sale for sure). Since I was a kid I’ve been a fan of The Flash comics and cartoons so the first reason was obvious. Second, The Flash TV series launched in 2014 had a huge impact worldwide and the audince is growing by each season, so I think it was a good choice to expose more the peoples favourite series. The name of the project the “DC Battle” is to relate on the continous battle between the DC characters The Flash and The Reverse Flash, the hero vs. the villain. And last of all for the fan related eyes, if you merge the two characters together as in the second picture, kind of a “Godspeed” charcater in there too, don’t you think?