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30+Breaking Battle

For this project I had to create the poster for the event “30+ Breaking Battle” , all graphics and brand promotion, also organizing the event. The purpouse of the event is to create a free environment for breaking to take place, in which the dancers can express themselves freely in the cyphers and connecting to the music so they can bring a plus of motivation and inspiration to the new generations that has to come. The main battle has as a target bboys & bgirls with experience and being over 30 years old (30+). As I was coming up as a bboy the broski Roli inspired me to push further to get better and develop my skills, reason why I had to give him props and choose him to represent for the poster event. I choosed to develop the photo (credit: Marian Goia) around the falling theme, using elements as space background and creating the vibe of floating into space, thing that for a short time you can do as you dance.