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A mixtape

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A mixtape

It’s been a long time.. almost two years since I dropped the “Summer Tranformee” mixtape preview. Been through a lot of changes and downfalls in my personal life and struggling with health problems, moving from France to UK, going back to school and trying to get back on track with all the ongoing projects. Still, I know that these days we all have problems and each one of us is falling or being stuck for whatever reason, hopefully the preview below can slow things down at least.


Even though I haven’t been outhere promoting or creating new music, I kept getting invites to spin music at events, which came like a blessing for me letting me know that my musical projects are relevant and gets to the peoples hearts. Many thanks to my family and friends that have been by my side in the last period of time and to the promoters that supports and apreciate my work. These been said ” A Mixtape” has to be done and I can hope that comes out in the late of April.

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As you may or may not realize by now “I made my debut in ’86” to this so called planet Earth. Since I was a kid I loved music. It showed me a different visual on the things around me. Obviously that led me into dance and the next thing I know, the artistic side of both led me into graphic design and photography.


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