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30+ Breaking Battle

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30+ Breaking Battle

Next up the 30+ Breaking Battle drops on the 12th October 2019 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. For this one I will organize the event, dance, battle and spin music at the afterparty! I was looking to organize an event at the “Cinema Dacia”  since they renovated the venue! It’s the perfect spot to settle a breaking related event and I’m excited to see the peoples reaction for this reason and is definitely going to help create the perfect vibe! Thanks to all the partners that got involved and supports the event!


The purpouse of the event is to create a free environment for breakin’ to take place, in which the dancers can express themselves freely in the cyphers and connecting to the music so they can bring a plus of motivation and inspiration to the new generations that has to come. The event is organized by Franco and is being sponsored by the brand Franco86 as well.


The main battle has as a target bboys & bgirls with experience and being over 30 years old (30+). In addition, the event will also have “The Freshest Kid”  in the cyphers that will be looked up and announced by the judges. In between there will be an Exhibition battle between two bboys that have a unique style of dancing.

Organizer // Sponsor

First breaking event I organized was in 2006 alongside my hometown crew. I have been a long way organizing events and I always wanted to create something that I felt was missing at the time. As I turned 33 this year I was thinking to create a platform for my generation that is still going strong and want to push even further and inspire the next generation that has to come as well.

Realising that people always came through to support all this years of what I believed is the essence of the culture makes me feel thankfull. I always do it for the passion of the culture and don’t want to compromise just to get the event outhere, reason why sponsors do get hard on board with it. This will be my first event organized and sponsored by the franco86 brand, so any support of the brand, the products, the events, is much apreciated and completes the full circle.

The Poster //

When I was coming up in the 2000’s breaking scene any bboy/bgirl “name” was like stories, you just hear moves that one can do untill you really actually meet that person. When I first meet Roli a.k.a Ninja, at that time he was way ahead of the level we were, so he inspired me to push further to get better and develop my skills, reason why I had to give him props and choose him to represent for the poster event. Also starting this year he’s reprezenting my crew Get on the good foot and reprezents for the 30+ battles as well.

Battles // Host_MC_DJ

When it comes to the most important part of the event it comes to the host mc and the dj. The best duo for this job representing Moonwalkers crew and Timisoara city, Juicerock & dj Raffu will create the perfect vibe needed to keep the floor busy. Back in 2005 I moved to Timisoara and got blessed to get the chance to practice and learn so much from them. I have battle them and alongside as well with the Beyond Flava and Romania Underground Cartel later on, not to say that they’ve been supporting many of the events I organized. Happy to have them on board for this one!

Battles // Judges

I choosed these judges because they are going strong in the game, reprezenting their crews and are involved in supporting the community. I remember seeing Noris getting down when he was still a kid. He got the skills and evolved a lot during the last years and I can say that now he’s the strongest and hungered bboy outhere reprezenting B. Element and Fresh Roots Clan. I remember Simi since the days we had to battle Original crew and later on Beat After Beat she was there and always growing and learning about the culture. Now being a teacher for the Breakin’ Class concept and getting down with Concrete Rockers, happy to have her on board for the judges panel. I’ve been practicing side by side with Soso for a couple of years now and he’s always been there to support my projects. Always hungry for the knowledge and to get down like a loose canon in the cyphers reprezenintg Concrete Rockers and starting this year Get on the good foot as well.

Battles // Top_8

I had a hard time choosing the top_8 for the 1 on 1 (30+) battles, looking to reprezent different crews, different areas of Romania, being involved in supporting the community and being at the top of their game as well. But these are the ones that took the criterias in my book and there is no joke going in a battle with them, beleive me I got the chance to battle with each one of them. Bboys & Bgirls (30+) will have the chance to battle them for the win by getting to the other eight open spots from the qualifiers.

Exhibition Battle //
Omar vs. Franke

This exhibition battle will defenetly gonna go down in Romanian Breaking history so you better don’t miss it! I have mad respect for this guys and I can say they have a unique approach and style in breaking, reason why I think this exhibition will be interesting to see it go down! I know Omar (Moonwalkers) since way back around 2004 when he was still living near my hometown city. I used to go with my crew in his city and practice together and I can say that his skills were way beyond our level and I would say to myself that some day I’m gonna call him out in a battle and later on in 2009 I did! The battle just went down randomly at a party in Timisoara city and damn we battled untill we went out of breath, lunghs or leaver..defenetly the best cypher battle ever for me. I remember Franke (Freakquency back then) since the final battle against Iron-T (Moonwalkers) in 2007 at Battle for Life in Brasov city, one of the best events I went to. Even though Iron-t was a killing machine in that battle he stood out and reprezent and hold in it down and I respected him for that. Later on the same year I got the chance to rock with Omar with the Beyond Flava team against Freakquency and when Franke got down he called out Omar and it was such a fire exchange between them! Really hype to witness this battle and happy they are on board to exchange experience at this event!

The Freshest Kid
// In the Cyphers

The youth makes the revolution and nothing’s gonna change that. One of the reasons I made this event is to inspire the next genration that has to come and give them the opportunity to express themselves free and go down in the cyphers. Maximum age for this category is 18 years. This been said who’s gonna be The Freshest Kid in the cypehrs that breaksfresh like a morning breakfast?

Mixtape Launch //
After Party

After the release of the song Falling (re_cover)  I continued to colaborate with Soso and got into work on his first music material. As e new upcoming emcee we will use a classic platform by releasing his first mixtape called “Probleme la cervicala”. The mixtape will drop out like in the classic hip hop times, rocking classic beats like a puma suede on the concrete! After the mixtape launch I will spin music at the after party! The setup will be at the Colectiva Gazette venue.

Mixtape Collection //

Since I was a kid dance was a part of me. I encountered breaking when I was 11 years and got into a long process to develop my skills but my main focus was always music, to be able to dance on the music with what I learn. This mixtape collection brings out my top 7 mixtapes that inspired me as a bboy and later on as a dj.

I can say that Dj Chicken George is my favourite dj and inspired me the most. I found one of his mixtapes back in 2008 and it blew my mind and kept follow his work till this day. Same year was released maybe the most iconic jazz mixtapes Turntable Jazz from Dj Zedvantz. Trying to dance to this different types of music helped me a lot to understand and connect more with the music. By the next year a co-worker of mine passioned about house music, brought me this Essential Mixtape by Dj Greg Wilson one of the pioneer in mixing in the UK. The way he was mixing and creating a certain vibe just makes you wanna dance! I grew up to the Freestyle Session era when everything related to this event was mad dope, just as the mixtape dropped by Dj Fingaz dedicated to the same event! As for iconic mixtape rap classics, in my book, the mixtape from Dj Bobby Bob is the most freshest outhere and I always like to get down on this one in the lab sessions! By the time I started to teach breaking with Get on the good foot I always used the mixtape from Dj Mane One for the workshops as it really helps to teach quicker the rhythm to the students. Fast forward to the times I got more into dj ing, I had the opportunity to create my first mixtape for Romanian Bboys among other Romanian dj’s invited. I was really excited to create it and at the time I was satisfied with the music selection but I had to develop further my skills. One of the dj’s invited in particular was Dj Sauce and I always put his mixtape created for this project before or after I play music at events. I do think that a good music selection can challange yourself an help you develop your skills as a bboy or a dj. You can get involved and support the event by purchasing this Mixtape Collection (limited prints) available by this week very soon online at the shop: https://franco86.com/shop/

Quick thoughts //

Thanks to everybody that came through  and supported the event! I hope that the people had a good time and that this event brought to everyone a plus of inspiration and motivation! Dope photos shot by Soto, go check out his amazing work! A small quick point of view and editing the photo collection below.

Check the video footage as well, really cinematic point of view.

Shot & edit by broski Roli.

Many thanks to those that purchased the 30+ longsleeve as well.

Had mad fun shooting the photos for the products.

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As you may or may not realize by now “I made my debut in ’86” to this so called planet Earth. Since I was a kid I loved music. It showed me a different visual on the things around me. Obviously that led me into dance and the next thing I know, the artistic side of both led me into graphic design and photography.


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